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We know information about the earliest history of the Naverie estate through the genealogical research of Mm. Lise Lecocq in her Essai de généalogie (see excerpts).

The oldest documents in which la Seigneurie de la Naviry appears, date back to the early 1600s.
These are notarial deeds that title the GODIN family, from Valenciennes, as Seigneur de la Naviry (see Table of documents from the Valenciennes Archives). At the beginning of 1700, the property came into the hands of Jacques CHAUVAUX, Baron de Rochefort, Seigneur de la Naviry, born in Auvergne (Fr) and died in Ath.

He acquires the estate through his wife Catherine de BLERY. His father-in-law had in turn obtained the estate from his in-laws GODIN.
Since the CHAUVAUX family stayed in Ath, various lease agreements can also be found for that period (see original manuscript - 1719 - of a lease agreement from the Family Archives of Mrs. Lise Lecocq). In recent history, the estate has been owned since 1937 by Joseph DUTHOIT, justice of peace in Boussu. It is leased to the René GUISSET Family who acquires it in 1983. The farm is still known in Pottes as Ferme Guisset.

In 1990, the farm and the lands are purchased by FERME de l'ANGLE´E sa.
In 1996 she in turn sold the buildings with adjacent farmland to Jacques RONSE and his wife Brigitte VINDEVOGEL, the current owners.

Buildings and lands as described at the time in the lease agreement of 1719 are still clearly recognizable today: maison grange, écuries étables pigeonier et fournil, 32 bonniers de terres (=44.8ha).

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